Secret Settings For Forex Ivybot -Forex And Trade Navigator

Ivy League issued a fascinating automated Forex robot in the retail sector. It was recently launched after much hype among the bunch, and retailers. FAP is another robot that is also introduced to the market at the same time to improve standards of trading. IvyBot was elected by the people during the FAP for its effectiveness in working with live trading racune.Objavljivanja this program got … [Read more...]

Is There a Trade in the Yen?

The yen, versus the USD, has been stuck in a narrow range since revisiting the 76 handle the last week in July.  During this period, exporters, politicians, and Bank of Japan officials, sometimes in unison, and sometimes individually, have all been squawking about the harm caused by the strong yen. Yet, despite the concern and hand wringing, the strong currency continues.  Many trade... … [Read more...]

A Brief Review of the Week's Currency Trade

The euro has been meandering sideways for the past seven sessions,  Optimism that solutions for the multifaceted euro problems will be forthcoming from the continuing meetings, seems to be keeping the market strong.  There seems to be a risk for all market participants.  The European financial officials have had a history of patchwork solutions designed to address the most urgen... … [Read more...]