Stories Suggesting a Euro Solution Help take Markets Higher

Rumors continue to circulate. There will be solutions found for the euro debt crisis.  Some of the rumors, formerly denied, have resurfaced.  An example is the expansion of the EFSF fund from €440B, to a multiple thereof has returned.  After having been firmly denied by the German finance minister last week, it is now reported there will be a presentation made by Merkel to the … [Read more...]

Currency Markets Assimilate Euro Agreement and Yen Intervention-What is next?

The results of last week's euro summit and today's intervention in the yen by the Japanese Government have a familiar ring.  As Yogi Berra once said this is Deja vu all over again.The Brussels summit produced an agreement that was long on aspirations to achieve  comprehensive solutions for the debt and banking crisis, but short on details how this would be accomplished.  If you ... … [Read more...]