FOREX PRO Weekly December 31- January 04, 2013

Monthly  On monthly chart market has closed slightly higher than on previous week, so it’s very difficult to add something to previous analysis – trend holds bullish , as well as price action. Market now stands slightly higher than former K- resistance area and 1.3150 level is an upper border of it. There are two moments to watch for on monthly chart, but both of them are rather extended … [Read more...]

FOREX PRO Weekly March 21-25, 2011

Monthly Trend is bullish, price action supports the trend. Market is neither overbought nor oversold on monthly time frame. So, there are no serious barriers for up move continuation. I still show you the range of this nasty down bar with black dash lines. Currently is a fourth consecutive month of increasing up move, so market almost erase this down bar. Price action during March is solid, but … [Read more...]