Top Indian Exchange Unocoin Intergrates Business with Blockchain

Top Bitcoin Wallet provider Blockchain has made plans to merge with India's number one exchange provider Unocoin, this was made known on Blockchain's website, they were quoted as saying " We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with India’s most popular exchange, Unocoin, to give Blockchain users across India the ability to quickly and easily fund their Blockchain wallets. Beginning … [Read more...]

Controversial Billionaire Howard Marks Gives Thumps up for Bitcoin As Currency

Controversial Billionaire who once called Bitcoin a Pyramid Scheme, seems to be having a rethink after passing comments "Bitcoin fans argue that it qualifies as a currency under these criteria: most importantly, it's something that parties can agree to accept as legal tender and a store of value. That actually seems right." "There has been particularly spirited response to my comments on … [Read more...]

A Swedish Programmer Became Rich After 2013 Bitcoin Investment Is It Too Late for you ?

  I saw this article piece on Cointelegraph and it's really an inspiration, I have my regrets not knowing what Bitcoin was, or I heard of it then shoved it under the carpet, I had Plenty of money back then ( I can't place what happened to the money afterwards) wasn't a freak spender, anyway it is a story that has drawn my attention and folks will be saying back then it was $1000, and … [Read more...]

China Stops 60 ICOs companies and this sends Bitcoin and Ether crashing

Yes, the result and influence of China, has sent the price of Bitcoin from achieving $5000 mark and ensuring Ethereum slip below $300 the first time in almost a month. So why did China shutdown 60 companies on embarking on an ICO mission not 6, 60 ? Well, according to reports China see's some of these companies coming with their ICO as scammish companies, simply put, illegal fundraising for … [Read more...]

Bitcoin Rising and Nothing Will Stop It Edges closer to $5000

  Without a doubt, the price of Bitcoin is surging and let's be clear, it's down (as at the time of writing this it's price is $44664). Guys that's just a film trick like my friends will say while we were kids; it's going to hit the big 5 by my estimate before the end of the coming week 08/09/17. But here's the story, Bitcoin will face a stiff resistance while it tries to rally to … [Read more...]

Now You Can Withdraw your Bitcoin today via BTC-e so they say

BTC-e today 02/09/2017 has stated that members can now withdraw their Bitcoin, but this will come at a price; BtC-e is now under a new domain and everything seems to be working fine, According to the exchange a statement read as follows "On September 2, 2017, it will be possible to withdraw 55% of the funds from the account...on the condition that our debt obligations are abandoned to the … [Read more...]

Why Everyone is Pulling out of the stock market and switching over to Cryptocurrency is it the End ?

Investors are desperately looking out for better options away from the stock market, and this is coming on the heels the birth of a new option Cyrptocurrency, So far according to reports more than $30 billion has been pulled out of the stock market to be re-invested in digital coins.   Now that everyone is embracing Digital coins there has been a spike in alternative markets across the … [Read more...]

When Will Bitcoin Rise To $10,000 , this Year, Next Year or Never ?

There has been price speculation on the rise of Bitcoin and there is a great concern on what the price should by the end of the Year, but what is forcing the price to go up, what is the outcome of other Alt coins and the new coin in place which is Bitcoin's sister Bitcoin Cash. I believe Bitcoin will surely rise above what it is today, as at today Bitcoin Price (BTC - $4109). However when it … [Read more...] now to induct Ethereum as part of their wallet service

    One of the earliest Bitcoin wallet start ups has included Ethereum as part of their service to include a wallet; This was announced on 17th of August by the CEO, he was quoted as saying "As popularity of ethereum has grown, so has the desire from our customers to have the option to manage multiple digital assets within their blockchain wallets. We are thrilled … [Read more...]