How The BlockChain Technology Can Be Beneficial to Africans

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A lot of folks don’t know the engineering or simply put the technology running Bitcoin as Blockchain, but if you need to understand Bitcoin you need to understand the protocol power behind the Blockchain technology; When I started out writing this article I initially wanted to talk about how it will be beneficial to Nigeria and Nigerian’s but since am Nigerian who lives outside my home country, I decided to share this on a wider approach.

First the Bitcoin we hear of today is powered by blockchain and what Blockchain does is to secure every transaction in a seamless manner without any hindrance to payments, The truth is Blockchain is yet an untapped area that see’s more potential for people especially African’s who live within and outside the continent. A new hope for a people who have lagged behind in growth because of poverty and corruption.


What Is Blockchain ?

Simply put, The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

Imagine a world where, your healthcare, the way you make purchases for simple things like your grocery, your Digital satellite cable subscription and even your house rent and home all done courtesy of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Benefits To African’s.

A core part of development and possible solutions to Africa’s illiteracy rate reduced significantly can be with the use of Blockchain technology, Blockchain can help in a decentralized mode help reduce educationally disenfranchised people by having a simple yet effect way of helping people get educated, Africa has the highest number of illiterates in the world and this gap can be reduced using the blockchain feed, one best way in going about this is using the new technology in a model where data can be stored and sent out using cloud computing.

Mining Blockchain Technologies

The only hindrance to this is electricity but I can assure you this is a futuristic way of earning money , Miners have been reaping great benefits from cryptocurrencies, now while this may be expensive mining Ethereum or Bitcoin, there are plenty of ALtcoins one can invest his money on, simply get the appropriate hardware and get a quick guide on how to mine Altcoins, you’ll definitely be self made .

Safe Healthcare delivery using Blockchain

Blockchain has the potential to hit big in the Healthcare sector of any economy, Dubai is putting in Billions of Dollars towards the Blockchain system, having your records stored in a blockchain infrastructure can go along way, patients can have their data stored for future references, also hospitals, healthcare organizations can use Artificial intelligence (AI) to secure patients data, African companies can seize this opportunity to provide access to rural people who lack basic healthcare, data can be collected and stored in a form of census and once a patient triggers his data through AI, it then recognizes a need for adequate medical attention.

According to Mo Tayeb, co-founder at Medicalchain explains to Cointelegraph:

“Blockchain technology is set to change the way healthcare is managed forever. Blockchain allows for clinicians and patients alike to be confident that the medical records are accurate and up-to-date as the distributed ledger guarantees an incorruptible, trustless version of the data which can be depended upon at any given time. An indisputable single version of the truth is not achievable with today’s current systems and infrastructure.”






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