I will eat my Penis if Bitcoin doesn’t hit $1,000,000 by year 2020 – John Mcafee


Software and Anti virus Guru is at it again and this time has come for the price of Bitcoin, predicting it will hit $1,000,000 by year 2020. The Bitcoin envagelist who predicted Bitcoin to hit $5000 by end of the year 2017 .

But now he is coming out with a bolder statement  that he made previously. He Tweeted that he’s voluntarily doubling his price prediction, whilst still being prepared to undergo a shocking act of self-mutilation if he’s wrong, According to McAfee, his previous prediction was based on an end of 2017 price of $5,000. Naturally, now that the price is double that figure, the creator of one of the world’s most well-known anti-virus software programs has decided that the price by 2020 will be far higher than even he originally anticipated.

See his tweet

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