Japan set to become biggest Crypto Market following China’s clamping down of exchangers


Japan is set to becoming the new bae in the digicurrency world, with over 50 percent of the global market market share, it looks like Japan is becoming the new wall street market for cryptocurrencies.

This may be connected with the clamping down of Chinese exchanges, Last week, the Chinese authorities and financial regulators officially requested Chinese Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms to halt their services by the end of September. OKCoin and Huobi, the two largest exchanges in China, were granted leeway to operate until Oct. 30, considering the fact that they have not been involved in any initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the past.

China has now dropped it’s share of the market to about 6% this is according to cryptocompare, but Bitcoing seems to be stabilizing following shock waves that took over the market, with the current price at over $3800.


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