Wex Exchange now empowers BTC-e users



This report is coming late, but better late than never, on record, I want to state, I had money in the BTC-e exchange before it was closed, then I had alot of money in it, I simply drank water that day and forgot about it, why it might surprise you about my reaction?

Well the number rule in investing is, be willing to give away part savings or your money that you are willing to lose and not cry or worse commit suicide.

I had money in BTC-e but after all the going through and assurances from the team, I have partly withdrawn from WEX, their new service website, the other part is kept as a token, welldone guys and goodluck to everyone

Remember be willing to invest in crypto as long as you are willing to lose it.

My 2 cents

Now back to the story below

BTC-e appears to have successfully launched a new bitcoin exchange platform.

Announced today via Twitter, WEX is allegedly the result of a months-long effort by the bitcoin exchange to return service to customers after it was raided and fined by US authorities in July. But despite its new URL, the WEX website notably mirrors the old BTC-e website in design, functionality and trading pair options.

Further, in a welcome message on its new website, WEX sought to differentiate itself from the BTC-e website, claiming that it is unrelated to that company. Despite having migrated over all the exchange’s former users, the platform claims the technical teams behind the exchanges are different.

Adding to the claims is that the new website stated that it did not receive any funds from BTC-e, while at the same time alleging that it would abide by anti-money laundering and know-your-customer laws.


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