You Are Wrong : John Mcafee others critic JP Morgan CEO comments on Bitcoin being a Fraud

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Former JP Morgan executive and Software guru John Mcafee have come for CEO Jamie Dimon that Bitcoin is a “fraud.”

In a hotly worded tweet on Wednesday, the ex-Head of Global Macro Trading Alex Gurevich wrote that Dimon should “STFU” about Bitcoin trading.

“Jamie, you’re a great boss and the GOAT bank CEO. You’re not a trader or tech entrepreneur,” he added.

Meanwhile, McAfee founder John McAfee, famous for his backing on the crypto Bitcoin, was on air with CNBC to voice his displeasure at Dimon.

In a personal address still somewhat toned down compared to his previous comments, McAfee focused on the real “fraud” element being attached to the uncontrolled printing of fiat currency.

“It costs over $1,000 to create each Bitcoin. What does it cost to create a US dollar? Which one’s the fraud?” he asked.

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