A Swedish Programmer Became Rich After 2013 Bitcoin Investment Is It Too Late for you ?


I saw this article piece on Cointelegraph and it’s really an inspiration, I have my regrets not knowing what Bitcoin was, or I heard of it then shoved it under the carpet, I had Plenty of money back then ( I can’t place what happened to the money afterwards) wasn’t a freak spender, anyway it is a story that has drawn my attention and folks will be saying back then it was $1000, and now it is a little above $4200 as at today.

Mind you in my home country Nigeria, Bitcoin could cost you an arm and a leg depending on what class of income you’re in and you telling people to invest in Bitcoin as it is the future, you’re probably asking the mid income citizen to go fuck someone’s house, steal, borrow money from the bank or set up a ponzi scheme, am telling you it’s horrific.

But here’s the story of a young Swedish programmer Alexander Bottema who may have seen the prospects, in Bitcoin BTC and then made a swift move on it, he probably had a good savings or money he was willing to fling, more like adious amigos incase he losses it, thank God he’s story is not like investors who stashed their hard earned money in BTC-e, ooh, did I tell you I have mine there ?

Anyway, Alexander Bottema , in his words has said ”I consider it a retirement insurance. I’m not thinking about buying any more, since I can never get the same return on investment again. I could consider selling some of my assets should the price hit 100,000 dollars.” Well that is what I believe he set out to do, same with me, and knowing he has a PH.D in Computing , my bet is , even if he losses all his earnings tomorrow, he has something to fall back on.

Truth is you can still invest in BTC how do you go about this, consider your income is measured 10/10; you can split your income as 1/10 or 1/5 and save some of that earnings to BTC, buy some from maybe LocalBitcoin or any save haven you are aware of then save in bits, I did just that, had some money I was WILLING to Lose (Kiss It Good Bye) and then made my first investments, by then the price of BTC was little above $900

I continued with my Cryptocurrency Portfolio and looked out for alternative coins or Altcoins if I may say, delved into Ethereum, Dash and then almighty Ripple.

So you not only have one option but several of it ( Am trying hard to get this article on 500 Words).

Well Bottema stumbled on his new found love more like a question WHY ? , according to him ”I rejected it as something uninteresting. Seeing that I had a long track record in data security, I was certain that it wouldn’t be possible to build safe servers that are open, and envisioned a crash. The following year, I was sitting on the subway and read in the Metro newspaper how Bitcoin had recovered after a crash. I couldn’t understand how a currency that is built on trust could recover. That piqued my interest.”

Having it an interest has made him a millionaire but trust me it isn’t too late to discover this new Gold or other Altcoins alternatives .

Image courtesy : Facebook.com

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