Bitcoin Rising and Nothing Will Stop It Edges closer to $5000



Without a doubt, the price of Bitcoin is surging and let’s be clear, it’s down (as at the time of writing this it’s price is $44664). Guys that’s just a film trick like my friends will say while we were kids; it’s going to hit the big 5 by my estimate before the end of the coming week 08/09/17.


But here’s the story, Bitcoin will face a stiff resistance while it tries to rally to the $5000 mark, let’s be clear on this more and more people will be going on a buy, there is now evidence to show that investors are taking it in as more of a long term business; buying Long, as there are dumping their shares, stocks and probably living real estate, there is no doubt the new Gold is Bitcoin, weird as it seems this option or new Gold as I’ll call it wasn’t available 10 years ago.

Balancing the books we need to see where it will go from here

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