Now You Can Withdraw your Bitcoin today via BTC-e so they say

 btc-e logo

BTC-e today 02/09/2017 has stated that members can now withdraw their Bitcoin, but this will come at a price; BtC-e is now under a new domain and everything seems to be working fine, According to the exchange a statement read as follows

“On September 2, 2017, it will be possible to withdraw 55% of the funds from the account…on the condition that our debt obligations are abandoned to the remaining 45% of funds in the form of tokens. More details about the conditions, the principle of calculation and the form of output will be available tomorrow.”

Users that elect to keep their funds on the site, the statement goes on to explain, will have their funds transferred to an as-yet-unrevealed domain that will serve as the home for the newly-launched BTC-e.

“On the day the site is launched, the balance will be recalculated at the market rate and will be credited to accounts with a higher ratio than 55/45….Tokens will be credited to your account balance, which you can use for bidding and releasing codes,” the exchange said

It will be recall that the exchange’s domain was shutdown¬† by US authorities because their Russian owner was arrested on allegations of MT Gox theft a fine of $110 million was placed on them, seems they are bouncing back.

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