Why Everyone is Pulling out of the stock market and switching over to Cryptocurrency is it the End ?

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Investors are desperately looking out for better options away from the stock market, and this is coming on the heels the birth of a new option Cyrptocurrency, So far according to reports more than $30 billion has been pulled out of the stock market to be re-invested in digital coins.


Now that everyone is embracing Digital coins there has been a spike in alternative markets across the world, Blockchain technologies are seen as the best options and whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or their cousins you can be sure to see  to see a game changer in the next quarter and beyond. But why is everyone ditching the stock market for the Digital world ?

So far over 850 different cryptocurrencies are currently circulating in the market with Bitcoin leading the pack, the current price of Bitcoin is well over $4600 as at 31/08/17; the price is surging up North and the birth of the new Baby girl Bitcoin Cash you can be sure, investors will be paying close attention to the coins of the 21st century.

Cryptocurrencies are safer 

At this time, you can’t loss in the Digital world and investors know this, there are 21 million Bitcoin to be mined and over 16 million are in the pack, I bet you be sure to see Bitcoin by end of 2017 at $9000.

For now Cryptocurrency is the way to go and you can be sure, more investors will dump their stocks for the new kid on the Block.


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