When Will Bitcoin Rise To $10,000 , this Year, Next Year or Never ?

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There has been price speculation on the rise of Bitcoin and there is a great concern on what the price should by the end of the Year, but what is forcing the price to go up, what is the outcome of other Alt coins and the new coin in place which is Bitcoin’s sister Bitcoin Cash.

I believe Bitcoin will surely rise above what it is today, as at today Bitcoin Price (BTC – $4109).

However when it will get to $10,000 it’s a matter of time, but what is driving the price.

The Awareness of Bitcoin:

The rise of Bitcoin especially in Africa with Egypt starting out it’s first Bitcoin exchange, the Middle east and Asia, with China, Japan and new kid on the block South Korea is pulling in the strings from this part of the world.

It’s been a roller coaster and most people are seeing this as an alternative Ponzi schemes like the likes of MMM run by the Russian scammer.

Oil Prices Slump:

It’s no news that Oil prices has crashed from over $100 to a little below $48 this term, the concern to many is what can be the alternative well Bitcoin is here, people are cashing in massively on the new girl in town.

Gold :

Bitcoin is now the new Gold now incase you haven’t noticed, Gold is less than $1250, Gold is no longer what it use to be and now the gist in town is Banks are researching if they can store their investments away from Gold but rather invest in Blockchain technologies like Bitcoin; Banks are moving away from Gold and seeking new safe havens. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seems to be the answer.

Popularity has made Bitcoin to surge and with a bit of controversy and luck the price will surely surpass $5000 by the end of 2017, if it will go past $10,000 ? Well let’s see how it goes




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