Forex trading-10 Tips so you won’t lose in Forex Market


10 Tips so you won’t lose in Forex Market


In the last decade or so, forex market has become very popular mode of investment for people who want to make profits without the volatility of share markets. However, trading in currencies is not that easy and out of every 100 new investors, 95 lose their money rather than make any profits. Trading in forex markets is not that easy as it seems or else 95% would have not lost money.

The foreign exchange market

Forex Trading tips

  1. Learn the basics of forex trading. Had forex trading been that easy for beginners, everyone would have been doing forex trading today. Try to learn the vocabulary and the tricks of making an analysis of the market under a broker and taker a plunge when you feel you are ready
  2. Play with fake currency after opening an account with a website. If you lose, youi still lose nothing but fake currency.
  3. Learn to study the graphs and charts of past trends of currencies to be able to make a prediction with causative factors.
  4. Do not indulge in day trading as it is very volatile and not meant for beginners. Nearly all novices lose their investments through day trading.
  5. Keep records. This is important as you learn from experience and can always look back to make a move. Do not forget to record your feelings and emotions after transactions as even small things matter when you are dealing in forex market.
  6. Spend some time only studying and learning. You gain confidence once you observe the moves made by seasoned players like your broker.
  7. Make many small moves instead of trying it big. Making small profits is always better than trying to strike it rich in a single move as you learn all the way
  8. Remain patient and do not make a move in a hurry. In order to achieve the targets you have set for yourself, you must remember that you have taken it as a business and not as a lottery.
  9. Play within your budget. This is important of you want to learn more in small time. Never play out of your limits. Aim to make small profits many times instead of trying t follow rags to riches strategy.
  10. Learn from your mistakes rather than repeating them again and again. The more quickly you learn the more chances you have for making profits consistently.


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