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Secret Settings For Forex Ivybot -Forex And Trade Navigator

Ivy League issued a fascinating automated Forex robot in the retail sector. It was recently launched after much hype among the bunch, and retailers. FAP is another robot that is also introduced to the market at the same time to improve standards of trading. IvyBot was elected by the people during the FAP for its effectiveness in working with live trading racune.Objavljivanja this program got … [Read more...]

What Forex Secrets Do I Need to Know?

One of the most important issue for new traders, is what forex secrets they must know to become a successful Forex traders. When people ask this question, they usually try to find some 'quick fix' solution or just a way that will guarantee them victory after victory, and the truth is, of course, that such a method or solution does not exist. Forex, like any other work will require a certain amount … [Read more...]

Report: Berlusconi to Quit Tonight at 19:30 GMT

View the original article hereThis post was made using the Auto Blogging Software from This line will not appear when posts are made after activating the software to full version. … [Read more...]

Stories Suggesting a Euro Solution Help take Markets Higher

Rumors continue to circulate. There will be solutions found for the euro debt crisis.  Some of the rumors, formerly denied, have resurfaced.  An example is the expansion of the EFSF fund from €440B, to a multiple thereof has returned.  After having been firmly denied by the German finance minister last week, it is now reported there will be a presentation made by Merkel to the … [Read more...]

Currency Markets Assimilate Euro Agreement and Yen Intervention-What is next?

The results of last week's euro summit and today's intervention in the yen by the Japanese Government have a familiar ring.  As Yogi Berra once said this is Deja vu all over again.The Brussels summit produced an agreement that was long on aspirations to achieve  comprehensive solutions for the debt and banking crisis, but short on details how this would be accomplished.  If you ... … [Read more...]

An Article Currency Traders Should Read

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is a reporter covering global economic events from London where he writes for The Telegraph.  He is experienced and insightful, and provides an objective overview of confusing economic cross currents.His article published Oct.23rd, 2011 in The Telegraph, "World power swings back to America" is an excellent read.  However, it should not be taken as a trading re... … [Read more...]

Is There a Trade in the Yen?

The yen, versus the USD, has been stuck in a narrow range since revisiting the 76 handle the last week in July.  During this period, exporters, politicians, and Bank of Japan officials, sometimes in unison, and sometimes individually, have all been squawking about the harm caused by the strong yen. Yet, despite the concern and hand wringing, the strong currency continues.  Many trade... … [Read more...]

A Brief Review of the Week's Currency Trade

The euro has been meandering sideways for the past seven sessions,  Optimism that solutions for the multifaceted euro problems will be forthcoming from the continuing meetings, seems to be keeping the market strong.  There seems to be a risk for all market participants.  The European financial officials have had a history of patchwork solutions designed to address the most urgen... … [Read more...]

Specs Sold US Dollars, Bought the Yen Latest COT Report Reveals

        Speculators were active sellers of the USD versus other currencies, it was revealed in the latest COT report.  The total net speculative long was reduced from 211.140 contracts last week to 135,412 contracts in the latest report.  Since the close for the reporting period is always a Tuesday, we expect there was further sizable liquidation … [Read more...]

Forex Signal (Thursday August 18, 2011 NY TIME 4:30am EDT – UK Retail Sales

UK Retail Sales Forecast 0.3% Previous 0.7% Pair to trade: GBP/USD Estimated Pips: 40-50 on Initial Spike The numbers we will look for: BUY GBP/USD if we get a positive deviation of 2.0 or more SELL GBP/USD if we get a negative deviation of -1.0% or more Economical Impact: High (will bring strong volatility) Typical Result: Good for currency Occurrence: Released monthly, about 20 … [Read more...]