Now, when it comes to trading the forex market, you need to take into consideration certain packages a broker is likely to offer to you especially as it entails spreads, some brokers offer fantastic spreads but may not in any way have all the necessary tools in place. In considering which brokerage firm to use, you need to take into consideration which options the firm has to be offer.

They may include

The kind of platform they offer, margin policies, how long has the broker been in existence, does it guarantee your stop looses at the order price and also if it is a well capitalized business.


Always have this at the back of your mind as a trader you always pay the spread and your broker always earn the spread, but don’t allow him to call the shorts for you by manipulating your trades, always first start with small funds then look for forums and discuss issues relating to forex trade, that way you will go a long way to helping your funds talking to the right people. To get the best deal choose the right broker who is well capitalized and has strong relationship with large foreign banks and the opportunity to call the strings all by yourself.

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