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From $500-$2,500 in a month ?

“ I apologise if I am bothering you but I wanted to give you more information about trading background. I have been trading on and off for about four months. I started with a “min” account of $250 and had gotten my account to around $2,425, unfortunately mmy account is now at $500. basically, I am starting over from the beginning. My ultimate goal is to replace my salary with full time trading. … [Read more...]

An Easy Effective Way to learn Forex Trade

Learning forex trading is a popular topic, particularly in today's uncertain economic times with many people looking to or interested in controlling their own financial independence. While there are a number of ways to get started in the forex market, there is one surefire combination which trumps all the rest and puts you in a better position than any other. Demo accounts are invaluable when … [Read more...]

Hindrances to successful forex trading II

Another material hindrance is power supply. Due to the situation of power supply for instance in my country, which we want to speak about positively, believe is improving, alternative power sources are just simply vital to most of the different types of traders, particularly day traders. Most traders use laptop computers, which provide backup power for at least two hours. Some other add an … [Read more...]

Hindrances to successful forex trading (I)

Before every forex trade, successful or unsuccessful, there are several hindrances to overcome. Every trader will face these hindrances in varying degrees along their trading odyssey. It is important to identify these hindrances because that is the only way you can do something about it. You can not improve on anything until you know precisely what you are doing wrong. It is also vital for these … [Read more...]