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A random sample of individual perceptions about forex trading yields interesting result. While some do not know anything about it, another section of society perceives if as internet fraud. Yet another segment of society perceives it as Internet fraud. Yet another segment of society considers it as gambling. Some others see it as a business.   In examining the issue, we want to establish the … [Read more...]

economic calendar for the week 22nd – 26th September 2008

Economic Calendar for week 22nd - 26th September 2008 PLEASE NOTE - All times GMT not BST. BST is +1 Hr. Monday September 22nd: EU - 07:15 - ECB President Trichet Speaks. US - 15:30 - FOMC Member Fisher Speaks. Tuesday September 23rd: FR - 06:45 - Consumer Spending M/M. FR - 07:00 - Flash Manufacturing PMI. FR - 07:00 - Flash Services PMI. GE - 07:30 - Flash Manufacturing … [Read more...]

20 Closely Guarded Trading Secrets

I hope you have learnt some lessons from my mistakes covered in the 8 Mistakes that must be avoided if you do not want to get mush dreaded Margin Call at all ( or again if you got one before). I had one and almost had another before I started applying the lessons you are about to learn in this edition of your blog forex fixed odds special. Meanwhile, Margin Call is a call from your broker to send … [Read more...]


I don’t forget in a hurry the day I got a Margin Call on my Forex account. It was a beautiful trading day like many others that had come and gone. I would even say the Margin Call I got then (April 2007 to be precise) was a blessing in disguise. Why, you may want to ask? Truth is I had called the few friends I had then to solicit for funds injection into my Forex account. I had also promised them … [Read more...]